Introducing Mobile Art and Wall Art

Hi everyone, I am a little behind with updates on new books! Last year was so busy with two new books with Cico Books. Mobile Art came out early in the year.

I spent a happy few months making 35 mobiles and hanging decorations and then styling them to be photographed by the super talented James Gardiner. James needed the patience of a saint, as photographing the mobiles was not so easy. We had to wait for everything to stop moving and then when finally all was still, the mobile had settled into the wrong position for the camera! We got there in the end and I was so happy with it.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the book.


circles mobilestarsfolk horsesacrobatsfiligree


Wall Art came out in October.

cover wall art
I used paint, paper, wood, living plants, rope and even sticky dots and washi tape to create 35 projects to decorate walls. All the spare white wall in my house were covered in works of art and I got to learn a few new crafts along the way.

I found macrame the most challenging at first, spending many hours pouring over vintage craft books from the 70’s, tying and re-tying knots until I had mastered the craft. Once you do get the hang of the two main knots used, it becomes very easy and you are able to create wonderful wall hangings.

macrameWeaving was another new craft for me and one that turned out to be quite addictive.

weavingsI get to work with some brilliant photographers and it was no exception for Wall art. All the pictures were shot by another super talented photographer – Joanna Henderson. I was so pleased with the book. I feel incredibly lucky to be working on such exciting projects. Here are some of my favourite spreads.

arrowhexigonsstencildressframesbikecopper circlesYou can by Wall Art here.

You can by Mobile Art here.

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A year in tiny pictures

Just under a year ago I started to Instagram and was soon totally hooked! I have tried to do a post at least once a day and it could very well be the reason that my blog has been so neglected!

I work from home, often spending long hours in my work room and at my desk. I absolutely love my job and feel incredibly lucky do be making and designing every day but being able to connect up with others all over the world from my little studio is something that I still find amazing. After a few hours work, with sometimes just Otis my mini sausage dog to talk to, it is wonderful to take a break and see what interesting things others are up to and for me to share what I am doing.

If you would like to join me on my Instagram updates, follow @clareyoungs or

Here is a selection of some of my favourite snippets from my year.


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