Monthly archive: August 2013

Love patchwork

I have been so busy working on my new book in the last few weeks, but today I finished a set of projects and have written the step by step instructions and so I thought it was time I turned my attention to my rather neglected blog.

I was so pleased to be included in the new addition of Love quilting and patchwork, one of the lovely group of magazines from Future publishing.

It features my hand tied quilt from my newest book Folkart needlecraft published by Cico books

and an interview. The magazine is in the shops now.


I loved making patchwork as a child and as it said in the interview, one of my first projects was a school bag all sewn by hand, with the hexagonal templates cut from cereal packets. Nowadays I am more likely to use the sewing machine, which means that you can have a simple quilt done in a day. I love pattern and print and making a quilt is a lovely way of bringing together all your favourite remnants of fabrics.  One of the best things about making a quilt is the design stage and trying out different colour and pattern combinations.




I recycle clothes, table cloths, curtains in fact it can be anything. This is one of my favourite projects made from a pile of pretty hankies bought in a spanish market.