Monthly archive: May 2013

Am I keeping my new years resolution?

I feel very happy to have featured twice this year, on the front cover of the lovely magazine Handmade Living.

In January, Handmade Living asked me if I had a crafty new years resolution. I said I would be keeping a sketchbook/craft journal and in the May issue they asked for an update. I am happy to say that I didn’t have to fib in any way and to prove it, I have put in  a few snippets from some of the pages!


More folksy inspiration

I am often digging around in second hand book shops and every now and then you find something that is really special and you know that you will treasure it always. Some years ago I found this book Los Esmaltes de Urapan, bought it and have never tired at looking through the pages of beautiful designs. It is all written in Spanish but I believe it is a book of Mexican designs for enamel ware. It was a great source of inspiration for my Folkart Needlecraft book. It also looked stunning as a prop in one of the projects [above] and it even supplied the inspiration for my favorite painting in the house by my designer/artist husband.

Mexican fruit by Ian Youngs