Monthly archive: April 2013

Bolivia to Ramsgate

The last few weekends have been so busy I haven’t had time for one of my favourite activities-charity shopping. This week I managed to get to a few in Ramsgate, the next town along the coast from us. This blue shawl, or throw caught my eye. It looked hand woven in different hues of the most gorgeous, vibrant blues. It felt like pure wool, ¬†Also I loved the label!

I googled the words on the label. Tajzara artesanias is the Association of craftsmen and artisans in Tarija, southern Bolivia.The rural organisation ¬†produces beautiful hand woven fabrics in wool from sheep, llama and alpaca and they only use natural dyes. I don’t know how it made the journey from Bolivia to a charity shop in Ramsgate, but I am so glad it did, because I love it.

Summer is on it’s way?

I have just seen the strange sight that we always see at this time of the year, as moving beach huts pass by the window. They are on the back of a lorry going to the end of our road to the beach. The huts on our beach have to come down by the 1st of October and can go up again in April. The sun is actually shining today and the beach huts signal that spring is here and we have a glorious hot summer to look forward to!!!!