Monthly archive: January 2013

New year wishes

I know it is 2 weeks into January but Happy new year!

The last 2 weeks have gone by in a blur of snipped up paper and glue, as I have completed the first stage of a new book and spent a few days at the Turner contemporary in Margate running family workshops. I was asked to create workshops on the theme of wishing trees, using a wooden tree to hang the wishes from. I based my idea around a Guatemalan tradition of creating giant kites decorated with brightly coloured paper. Children are encouraged to write their wishes on the streamers attached to the kite, which is then launched taking the wishes up to the gods and ancestors. We made little mini ones and by the end of the few days the tree was completely covered, so much so, that some wishing birds were made to fill the space around the base of the tree. It was lovely seeing everyone getting so involved with beautifully decorated kites and a huge variety of wishes!